Meetings & Seminars

Orientation and Continuing Education Initiatives 

New directors are oriented regarding GT Capital’s core businesses, and a budget is in place for continuous professional education. In 2018, directors of the Corporation attended GT Capital’s In-House Corporate Governance Seminar or other programs such as the Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program arranged by the Institute of Corporate Directors.


GT Capital In-House Corporate Governance Seminar

Grand Hyatt Manila, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig July 25, 2018

Topics discussed: Dragonfly Perspective / Digital Trade-offs & Sustainability in the Boardroom


Name of Directory Date Program
Carmelo Maria Luza Bautista July 25, 2018 Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
Jaime Miguel G. Belmonte July 25, 2018 Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
Rene J. Buenaventura Juyl 25, 2018 Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
Pascual M. Graci III July 25, 2018 Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
Francisco C. Sebastian July 25, 2018 Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
Renato C. Valencia July 25, 2018 Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program


Board Attendance

GT Capital board meetings are held regularly and dates of the regular meetings are set before the start of the financial year. When important matters are on the agenda, such as issues that will have a significant impact on the character of the Corporation, the quorum requirement is two thirds (2/3) of all the directors. However, as far as practicable, the board secretariat ensures that 2/3 of all the directors are present for each meeting. The Board met eight (8) times in 2018.


Name Position No. of Meetings Attended
Arthur Vy Ty Chairman 7/8 (87.5%)
Alfred Vy Ty Co-Vice Chairman 6/8 (75%)
Francisco C. Sebastian  Co-Vice Chairman 7/8 (87.5%)
Carmelo Maria Luza Bautista  President and Director 7/7 (100%) 
David  T. Go  Director 7/8 (87.5%)
Pascual M. Garcia III  Director 6/6 (100%)
Regis V. Puno Director  6/6 (100%)
Renato C. Valencia Lead Independent Director 8/8 (100%)
Jaime Miguel G. Belmonte Independent Director 8/8 (100%)
Wilfredo A. Paras Independent Director 8/8 (100%)
Rene J. Buenaventura Independent Director 6/6 (100%)


Board Committees

GT Capital’s Board exercises authority over specific aspects of its business through various Board Committees, which meet as often as necessary. Each Committee is governed by a Committee Charter under the Manual. The Manual and Committee Charters are reviewed and amended annually to reflect corporate governance best practices adopted by the Corporation. The latest version of each Committee Charter may be downloaded from the GT Capital website.

Executive Committee

Member Meetings Attended
Arthur V. Ty - Chairman (Non-executive Director) 27/29
Alfred V. Ty - Vice-Chairnan (Non-executive Director) 26/29
Francisco C. Sebastian - Member (Non-executive Director) 27/29
Carmelo Maria Luza Bautista - Member (Executive Director) 29/29
Mary Vy Ty - Adviser ( Non-executive) 25/29


Employee Training

GT Capital employees are encouraged to improve and expand their knowledge base by participating in training programs relevant to their fields of expertise. In 2018, GT Capital employees attended the following training programs:


Transition to Management
Professional Presence and Excellence
Business Valuation Seminar
2018 Midyear Economic Briefing
Distinguished Corporate Governance
5th SEC-PSE Corporate Governance Forum
Best Practices in Corporate Housekeeping
ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Version 2 Workshop
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) 7th Lecture Series
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) 14th Lecture Series
Understanding Federalism and its Implications
Effective Communications and Human Relations
Chartered Financial Analyst Review Class
Regulators Forum 2018
Effective and Assertive Workshop Communication
Time Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
Retirement Plans and PAS 19R
PFRS 9, 15 and 16
Business Taxation; VAT and Percentage Taxes
Mastering Withholding Tax
 Sate-T Cyber Security Round Table
Data Management Compliance and Cybersecurity
1st HR Compliance and Conference
How to Optimize Talent Data for the Business
7 habits of Highly Effective People
Executive Presence and Leadership Branding Seminar
Human Rights Seminar
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