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Job Vacancies

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    2 jobs available, updated 10 May 2024

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  • Corporate Communication Manager

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Corporate Communications Manager
    Department: Investor Relations, Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications
    Reports to: Head of Investor Relations, Strategic Planning, and Corporate Communication
    Supervises: NA


    Responsible for crafting, overseeing, and coordinating the internal and external communication programs and initiatives of GT Capital Holdings, Inc., with the primary purpose of, among others, creating a positive corporate image for internal and external stakeholders through various communication tools and platforms.



    1. Draft a wide range of corporate communications materials including disclosures, releases, messages, speeches, slide presentations, and other articles primarily for shareholders, GT Group employees, investors, the capital markets, regulators, and the general public

    2. Coordinate with the media or PR agencies for company operating and financial performance briefings, interviews, media coverage and release of news and feature stories

    3. Liaise with design studios and advertising agencies on various advertising requirements that include the design, layout, copy, and placement of advertising materials

    4. Prepare all the necessary requirements in the publication of the company’s annual Integrated Report, including but not limited to sourcing of service providers, budget preparation and disbursement, content writing and editing, photo collating and selection, operating company reports, write-ups, and all other related output

    5. Ensure the timely release and distribution of company publications to maintain stakeholder engagement and comply with regulatory requirements

    6. Coordinate with the various departments and operating companies for corporate communications related requirements

    7. Handle sponsorship processes including coordination with requesting units/parties and fulfillment of sponsorship requirements

    8. Manage and update the company’s website and other communication platforms to ensure current and effective presentation of the company’s activities and initiatives

    9. Assist in planning, management, and execution of corporate events to enhance company visibility and brand recognition

    10. Co-lead in the execution and supervision of the company’s branding and marketing initiatives to maintain and enhance the company’s market position



    Education: Must be a Bachelor degree holder, preferably in a communication-related course

    Experience: At least two to three years of work experience in the field of corporate communication/public relations/public affairs/advertising/media/marketing/branding

    Knowledge: Public relations/marketing/advertising; events management; creative and technical writing; various design software and applications

    Skills: Superior written and oral communication skills, adept at creating multimedia presentations excellent interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills, strong multi-tasking capabilities, thorough attention to details, effective in problem solving and negotiation, performs well in a team environment.

    Personality: Results-oriented and has a high degree of initiative, creative articulate and expressive, highly sociable, adaptable


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • Internal Audit Officer

    Job Title : Internal Audit Officer
    Group : AUDIT
    Reports to : Chief Audit Executive
    Supervises : Not Applicable



    Provides support to the Chief Audit Executive in the execution of audit plans for the Parent Company as well as the assurance oversight function for the Component Companies.



    Financial Controls Review
    1. Develops a detailed understanding of the activity under audit, including financial reporting risks and controls in GT Capital and its component and related companies.

    2. Determines if controls are in place to provide management reasonable assurance that financial reporting objectives will be met at the parent as well as its component companies.

    Operations Controls Review
    3. Develops a detailed understanding of the activity under audit, including operational risks and controls in GT Capital and its component and related companies.

    4. Determines if controls are in place to provide management reasonable assurance that operational objectives will be met at the parent as well as its component companies. IT General Controls Review

    5. Develops a detailed understanding of the activity under audit, including IT risks and controls in GT Capital and its component and related companies.

    6. Determines if adequate standards are in place for system development, data center operations and security, data base management and security, network administration and overall information security.

    7. Tests any audit issues to ensure that proper controls are in place which covers the security of the IT requirement all the way down to individual password creation protocol.

    Application Controls Review
    8. Determines the effectiveness of controls over individual application systems which encompass the routines within the computer program code and the procedures and input activities.

    9. Determines all data was processed accurately by the computer.

    Information Security Assessments
    10. Conducts regular assessment to ensure that information contained within an IT system is accessible by authorized personnel only, which includes security on all workstations, servers and databases.

    11. Determines if proper password authentication and creation protocol are being followed as this is critical where classified, financial, or any other regulated information is kept.

    12. Assists in the planning of audit engagements of GT Capital and its component and related companies.

    13. Assesses and identifies potential risk of material misstatement/weakness within the audit and systems.

    14. Performs the audit and writes a report of the misstatements, weakness and security risks.

    15. Promote efficient practices by recommending improvements in processing capability, user interface and security designs.

    16. Ensures that GT Capital and its related and component companies have adequate technology and system controls to meet business objectives and customer needs.


    Education: Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy, Certified Public Accountant

    Experience: At least 4 years as Assurance or Audit Officer from a firm or any financial institutions

    Knowledge: Extensive knowledge on financial and accounting analysis, Philippine Accounting Standards, etc.

    Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, proficient computer skills, analytical and numerical skills


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to


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