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Job Vacancies

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    6 jobs available, updated 17 May 2024

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  • Accounting Officer

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Accounting Officer
    Division: Accounting and Financial Control Department
    Reports to: Head, Consolidation Section
    Supervises: No one


    Overall Purpose: The primary purpose of the Accounting Officer position is to ensure accurate and timely preparation of the Parent Company and Consolidated Financial Statements of GT Capital Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries.


    1. Financial Report Management: Accurately encode and upload monthly financial reports of various operating entities into the consolidation system, supporting the monthly financial consolidation process.

    2. Consolidated Financial Statements: Assist in the preparation of quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements, ensuring accuracy and compliance with relevant standards.

    3. Audit Coordination: Collaborate with external auditors during year-end and interim audits, preparing a variety of schedules and reports for internal, external, and regulatory reporting.

    4. Subsidiary Financial Management: Manage the financial statements of a subsidiary holding company, including processing payment requests, recording accounting entries, maintaining manual account books, preparing monthly account schedules, and ensuring timely submission of various BIR Forms.

    5. System Implementation: Engage in the testing and implementation of the financial consolidation system (NOAH business application), contributing to the enhancement of financial processes.

    6. Accounting Support: Provide comprehensive assistance and support to the Parent Company in various accounting-related tasks, contributing to the overall financial reporting of the organization.

    7. Perform other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of the company.


    Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy; Certified Public Accountant (CPA) preferred

    Experience:Minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience in accounting or finance

    - In-depth understanding of financial and accounting analysis
    - Proficiency in Philippine Accounting Standards and relevant financial regulations

    - Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
    - Strong analytical and numerical skills
    - Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Excel
    - Well-developed organizational and collaborative skills

    Personal Attributes:
    - A committed team player with a strong work ethic
    - Highly motivated and disciplined
    - Quick learner with a capacity for organized and resourceful problem-solving


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • Corporate Communication Manager

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Corporate Communications Manager
    Department: Investor Relations, Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications
    Reports to: Head of Investor Relations, Strategic Planning, and Corporate Communication
    Supervises: NA


    Responsible for crafting, overseeing, and coordinating the internal and external communication programs and initiatives of GT Capital Holdings, Inc., with the primary purpose of, among others, creating a positive corporate image for internal and external stakeholders through various communication tools and platforms.



    1. Draft a wide range of corporate communications materials including disclosures, releases, messages, speeches, slide presentations, and other articles primarily for shareholders, GT Group employees, investors, the capital markets, regulators, and the general public

    2. Coordinate with the media or PR agencies for company operating and financial performance briefings, interviews, media coverage and release of news and feature stories

    3. Liaise with design studios and advertising agencies on various advertising requirements that include the design, layout, copy, and placement of advertising materials

    4. Prepare all the necessary requirements in the publication of the company’s annual Integrated Report, including but not limited to sourcing of service providers, budget preparation and disbursement, content writing and editing, photo collating and selection, operating company reports, write-ups, and all other related output

    5. Ensure the timely release and distribution of company publications to maintain stakeholder engagement and comply with regulatory requirements

    6. Coordinate with the various departments and operating companies for corporate communications related requirements

    7. Handle sponsorship processes including coordination with requesting units/parties and fulfillment of sponsorship requirements

    8. Manage and update the company’s website and other communication platforms to ensure current and effective presentation of the company’s activities and initiatives

    9. Assist in planning, management, and execution of corporate events to enhance company visibility and brand recognition

    10. Co-lead in the execution and supervision of the company’s branding and marketing initiatives to maintain and enhance the company’s market position



    Education: Must be a Bachelor degree holder, preferably in a communication-related course

    Experience: At least two to three years of work experience in the field of corporate communication/public relations/public affairs/advertising/media/marketing/branding

    Knowledge: Public relations/marketing/advertising; events management; creative and technical writing; various design software and applications

    Skills: Superior written and oral communication skills, adept at creating multimedia presentations excellent interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills, strong multi-tasking capabilities, thorough attention to details, effective in problem solving and negotiation, performs well in a team environment.

    Personality: Results-oriented and has a high degree of initiative, creative articulate and expressive, highly sociable, adaptable


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • Risk Management and Sustainability Analyst

    Organizational Scope

    Department : Risk Management and Sustainability (RMS)
    Reports to : Risk Officer & Sustainability Officer
    Supervises : Not applicable


    The primary role is to facilitate the implementation of risk management and corporate sustainability initiatives at GT Capital Holdings, Inc., including collaboration with operating companies. This position is key in effectively addressing and mitigating significant risk issues in line with the Board's risk appetite and the company's strategic goals.


    1. Analysis: Gather and analyze data, collaborating with business units and operating companies to enhance their risk management and corporate sustainability practices, aiming to integrate these into the business strategy.

    2. Report Writing: Support in producing risk management and sustainability reports for Board oversight, ESG rating agencies, and public disclosures, including Integrated Reports, regulatory submissions, and corporate website updates.

    3. Program Assistance: Aid in the development and execution of risk management and sustainability programs. Propose and implement enhancements to ensure regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and the integration of sustainability in business strategy to optimize long-term profitability.

    4. Advocacy: Promote a strong culture of positive risk and sustainability within the organization and collaborate with various teams working on risk management.

    5. Perform other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of the company.



    Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Industrial Engineering, or Management Engineering.



    Experience: A minimum of 2 years as an analyst, preferably with experience in ESG rating agencies and exposure to financial institutions, auto/mobility, property, insurance, infrastructure, utilities, real estate, others.



    o Advanced skills in Microsoft Office suite, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
    o Robust data analysis abilities, coupled with the talent to communicate complex
    insights clearly and effectively
    o Innovative and creative problem-solving skills, capable of thinking outside the
    o Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, complemented by
    strong presentation abilities
    o Profound interpersonal skills, able to engage effectively with diverse teams and


    Personal Attributes:

    o Highly creative and resourceful, adept at navigating and resolving challenges
    o Exceptionally organized, with a keen attention to detail and the ability to manage
    multiple tasks efficiently
    o Fast learner, readily adaptable to new environments and technologies
    o Disciplined approach to work, consistently delivering high-quality results
    o Self-driven and motivated, with a strong commitment to achieving excellence.
    o Passionate about work, demonstrating a deep-seated commitment to the role
    and its responsibilities.


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • Internal Audit Head (GTCAM)

    Job Title : Internal Audit Head (GTCAM)
    Reports to : Chief Audit Executive
    Supervises : TMBC IA, GTCAM JVs



    The Internal Audit Head (GTCAM) leads the execution of audit plans for the business units under the GT Capital Automotive and Mobility (GTCAM). This involves developing and implementing a risk-based internal audit plan aligned with the company's strategic objectives and industry standards and best practices.



    1. Prepare the audit plan for the assigned component companies and provide input to the Chief Audit Executive in preparing the annual GT Capital audit plan

    2. Conduct and oversee internal audit assignments across various automotive functions, including sales and marketing, service, parts process, supply chain, and financial operations

    3. Conduct thorough planning and risk assessments related to each audit engagements to identify and prioritize potential financial, operational, regulatory, and IT risks

    4. Focus detailed audit efforts on areas assessed as high risk to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

    5. Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls of the processes reviewed and identify areas for improvement

    6. Present clear recommendations to management, agree on actions, and prepare well-
    documented audit reports with concise findings and suggestions.

    7. Monitor the implementation of all agreed-upon recommendations and corrective actions.

    8. Stay up-to-date with internal auditing standards (IIA) and relevant industry regulations.

    9. Engage in initiatives aimed at continuous improvement to optimize the internal audit

    10. Participate as a team member or leader in special projects requiring analytical, risk
    assessment, and IT auditing skills.


    Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor

    Experience: Minimum 5-7 years of experience in internal auditing, with a proven track record of leading and managing audit engagements

    Knowledge: Strong understanding of internal audit methodologies, risk assessment frameworks, and best practices and an in-depth knowledge of financial accounting principles, internal controls, and corporate governance.

    Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, proficient computer skills, analytical and numerical skills


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • Information Technology (IT) Assistant

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Information Technology (IT) Assistant
    Department: Human Resource, Administration, and IT
    Reports to: Head, Information Technology
    Supervises: N/A


    Overall Purpose:
    The IT Assistant supports company operations by providing comprehensive technical support, managing IT and CCTV equipment, overseeing vendor relations, ensuring data security, and supporting corporate events. This role requires effective troubleshooting, strong organizational skills, and a proactive approach to system maintenance and security.


    Key Responsibilities:
    1. Technical Support
    a. Provide timely assistance for user issues related to hardware, software, network connectivity, telephones, and CCTV systems
    b. Perform installations, configurations, and updates for hardware and software
    2. Equipment Management
    a. Set up and manage new and service equipment, including CCTV systems
    b. Maintain IT and CCTV equipment inventory and manage the disposal of equipment, ensuring data is securely wiped
    c. Coordinate with external vendors for equipment procurement, service management, and troubleshooting
    d. Manage repair and maintenance processing, such as diagnosing problems and recommending solutions
    3. Event Support
    a. Set up of equipment and provide technical support for company events, such as audio, video, and photo as needed by requesting unit
    4. Data Management
    a. Handle shared folder management
    b. Ensure security and regular backup of critical data, including CCTV footage
    c. Support in billings and specific IT operations requests
    d. Coordinate subscription renewals, such as internet, telephone, cable network, and other providers
    5. Network and Security
    a. Provide basic corporate network infrastructure, server support, and CCTV administration
    b. Monitor email quarantine and CCTV feeds to prevent security threats
    6. User Access Administration
    a. Manage user access rights, including adding, editing, and deleting accounts to ensure secure and efficient operation
    7. Communication Systems
    a. Administer and maintain the telephone system, ensuring reliable communication within the company


    Education: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field preferred
    Experience: 1-2 years of experience in an IT support role

    1. Hardware Knowledge: Understanding of computer hardware, peripherals, and networking equipment, including setup, troubleshooting, and repairs.
    2. Software Proficiency: Familiarity with operating systems (such as Windows, macOS, Linux), office software (like Microsoft Office Suite), and various business applications
    3. Networking Basics: Knowledge of networking fundamentals, including LAN/WAN, Wi-Fi setup, and basic troubleshooting.
    4. Cybersecurity Awareness: Understanding of basic cybersecurity practices, including virus/malware protection, email security, and secure password protocols
    5. Data Management: Skills in managing backups, restores, data protection strategies, and basic database management
    6. CCTV and Security Systems: Knowledge of setting up, managing, and troubleshooting CCTV and other security systems

    1. Ability problem-solving and communication skills
    2. Ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment
    3. Ability to collaborate with peers, vendors, and providers

    Working Conditions:
    This position may require occasional evening and weekend work to support company events and critical system updates.


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • Sustainability Officer

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Sustainability Officer
    Department: Sustainability and Risk Management
    Reports to: Chief Risk Officer
    Supervises: N/A


    Overall Purpose:
    Develop and carry out the implementation of corporate sustainability strategy and program in GTCAP, coordinating and collaborating with operating companies, to effectively address material ESG issues and create positive stakeholder value in line with Board appetite and organizational strategies and goals.


    Major Responsibilities:
    1. Analyzes, provides recommendations and facilitates the implementation of sustainable organizational policies, structures and programs that address material ESG concerns of GT Capital’s stakeholders.

    2. Leads the end-to-end publication of sustainability reports in line with global sustainability reporting frameworks and works on ESG ratings assessments to improve and communicate the company’s ESG performance. Prepares and presents sustainability-related materials to GT Capital’s Risk and Sustainability Oversight Committee and Risk and Sustainability Steering Committee to support them in their oversight duties and responsibilities.

    3. Advocates the strengthening of a sustainability culture across all levels of the organization. Convenes the GT Sustainability Council to align and enhance the sustainability programs of GT Capital and its operating companies, working on key synergy projects and organizing capacity-building activities for the Group.

    4. Perform other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of the company.


    Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Communication, Environmental Science, Engineering, or Social Sciences

    Experience: Solid experience in sustainability management from an ESG leading organization

    Skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, data analysis, creative problem solving, corporate sustainability, report writing, project management skills, presentation skills

    Personality: Creative, resourceful, organized, fast-learner, disciplined, self-motivated and hardworking


    Interested applicants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to


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