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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We will be a world-class conglomerate, dominant in all the key sectors where it is invested, most sought after by global investors seeking opportunities for strategic partnership in the Philippines, a major contributor to nation building.


Our Mission

GT Capital Holdings, Inc., a Philippine conglomerate with a strategic business portfolio, has a heritage of leadership in the vital sectors of financial services, insurance, property development, infrastructure and utilities, and automotive assembly and distribution that are essential to national development.

It has earned its stature of prominence in these key sectors by blending local ingenuity and resources with the technology and expertise of best-of-class global business partners.

Anchored on our core values of integrity, competence, excellence, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to value creation, we fulfill our mission to ensure sustainable long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, create synergies, provide career opportunities, and contribute to nation-building.


Our Corporate Values


Above everything else, we practice consistent adherence to ethical and moral values under all circumstances both from an institutional and individual basis. Such values are embedded in the corporate culture, which has earned for us the trust and confidence of our clients, investors, and business partners.



Each of the group subsidiaries and affiliates has a solid track record of consistently delivering excellence in all our products and services, resulting in the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and stakeholders, who account for our continued success and leadership in each of the sectors where we are present.



We take a special regard for the individual, for their empowerment, and for the diversity of opinions, resulting in a more balanced view of our business proposition, open to different perspectives, constantly challenging assumptions and revisiting previously set ways, within the framework of a shared vision and a shared corporate culture, with the end objective of constant improvement.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe in intelligent risk-taking, identifying key opportunities as they present themselves while holding each one accountable for taking the best action today in order to reap future rewards. This is encouraged at all levels of the organization to constantly provide fresh insight.


Commitment to Value Creation

We are committed to planting the seeds today that will result in the creation of shareholder value in the future. We believe that taking a long-term and sustainable perspective is essential to creating value.

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