AOI and By-laws

Articles of Incorporation

The Corporation Code of the Philippines (the "Code") requires all corporations organized under the Code to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") its Articles of Incorporation ("AOI"). The AOI contains general information about the Corporation. 

GT Capital filed its AOI with the SEC and was incorporated on July 26, 2007. 

The latest amendment of the AOI was approved by the SEC on July 8, 2022. It amended Article II of the AOI.

 Articles of Incorporation



GT Capital's by-laws are the rules and regulations that govern the Corporation. In addition, the by-laws establish the roles and duties of GT Capital's directors, committees and officers. 

The latest amended by-laws of GT Capital was approved by the SEC on May 23, 2016. The amended by-laws moved the holding of the annual/regular stockholders meeting from the second Monday of May of each year to the second Wednesday of May of each year. 


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