Shareholder Meetings and Dividend Policy

Under GT Capital’s By-laws, the Annual Meeting of Stockholders (“ASM”) is held on the second Wednesday of May of every year. GT Capital releases the notice of the ASM, including details of each agenda item, through a disclosure to the PSE at least 28 days before the date of the ASM. The notice of regular or special meetings contains the agenda, and sets the date, time, and place for validating which must be done at least five business days prior to the ASM. Each outstanding common and voting preferred share of stock entitles the holder as of record date to one vote in accordance with the provisions of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.

As a policy, GT Capital has an annual target dividend payout of PhP 3.00 per common share, payable out of its unrestricted retained earnings. GT Capital has consistently met this target, paying the following dividends:


Year Per share Total amount (in millions)


PhP 6.00

PhP 1,045.80


3.00 522.90
2014 3.00


2013 3.00


2012 3.00



Policies and Practices on Health, Safety, and Welfare of Employees

To promote good health among its employees and their families, GT Capital provides non-contributory medical and dental coverage for all its employees and eligible dependents, which includes comprehensive in-patient and out-patient hospitalization benefits. First-aid and over-the-counter medicines are available at the office premises when needed.

Other benefits which regular employees may be entitled to include cash, medical, and clothing allowances, leave benefits, bonuses, emergency loans, car plan, housing assistance, retirement benefits, burial assistance, and group life insurance. GT Capital has incorporated in its Employee Handbook the following policies and programs for the benefit of its employees:

1. Drug-free Workplace Policy & Program;

2. Hepatitis B Workplace Policy & Program;

3. HIV AIDS Workplace Policy & Program;

4. TB Workplace Policy & Programs; and

5. Anti-Sexual Harrassment.

Moreover, to better equip employees with basic and necessary skills in case of emergencies, GT Capital, in coordination with the Makati Fire Station and the GT Tower building administration, conducts annual safety, fire, and earthquake drills as well as seminars on emergency response. The HR and Administration Department also distributed emergency grab bags with necessary first aid kit, water, and food items to each employee for use in the event of an earthquake
or similar circumstances.

To enliven the employees and promote camaraderie among them, GT Capital organized activities such as Halloween Party, The Biggest Loser, Mooncake Festival, and Christmas Party.

Below are the data relating to participation by employees in various activities arranged for their benefit in the year 2016:


Activity Employees Dependents
Annual Executive Check-up 5 -
Annual Check-up 14 -
Dental Check-up 3 13
Safety, fire, and earthquake
24 -
Emergency grab bags 33 -
Halloween Party 26 10
The Biggest Loser 15 -
Mooncake Festival 26 -
Christmas Party 24  


Training and Developmental Programs for Employees

Training being a crucial factor in organizational development and success, GT Capital’s HR and Administration Department identifies programs and allocates a budget that allows employees to acquire and enhance technical and behavioral competencies. To supplement mentoring provided by each Department Head and the President, both employees and Senior Management are encouraged to attend programs which address any competency gaps and expose them to the latest concepts, information, and techniques in their respective fields, as well as further build their competencies in preparation for higher responsibilities in the future.


Other Stakeholder and Investor Relations

Transparency in systems and communication is crucial to the establishment and maintenance of trust and confdence of investors. GT Capital’s Investor Relations Division aims to impart a thorough understanding of GT Capital’s strategies in creating shareholder value. The Investor Relations Division compiles and reports relevant documents and requirements to meet the needs of the investing public, shareholders, and other stakeholders of GT Capital, fully disclosing these to the local stock exchange, as well as through quarterly media and analysts briefngs, one-on-one investor meetings, the ASM, road shows, investor conferences, e-mail correspondences or telephone queries, teleconferences, its annual and quarterly reports, and GT Capital’s website. All shareholders, including institutional investors, are encouraged to attend stockholders’ meetings and other events held for their beneft. E-mail inquiries from the investing public and shareholders are received by GT Capital’s Investor Relations Division through Correspondence may also be addressed to:


Jose B. Crisol, Jr.

Senior Vice President Head, Investor Relations

T: (632) 836 4500



Shermaine N. Chavez

Deputy Head, Investor Relations

T: (632) 836 4500


Other stakeholder concerns may be sent to


Creditor Protection

GT Capital’s policies on creditor protection are found in the Policies and Procedures Manual of the Accounting and Financial Control Department. These include policies on ensuring timely payment and compliance with loan covenants contained in loan agreements, to which GT Capital complies.


Customer Welfare and Safety, Environment-Friendly Value Chain, and Interaction with Communities

GT Capital monitors its subsidiaries regarding policies on the welfare and safety of its end-customers as well as its initiatives regarding environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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