Materiality and Stakeholder Approach

GT Capital conducts a materiality assessment every three (3) years to determine the issues of significant importance to the company and its priority stakeholders. It engaged University of Asia and the Pacific - Center for Social Responsibility (UA&P-CSR).

The process involved the following: a) desk research of sustainability topics that are relevant to international organizations, regulators, investors, industry associations, and academic institutions, b) benchmarking of material topics with its international and local industry peers, c) consultation with GT Capital’s priority stakeholders, and d) consultation with the Management Committee, resulted in a total of 25 material ESG topics including three (3) economic, four (4) environmental, twelve (12) social, and six (6) governance.


Materiality Process

                              Materiality Process


Material Topics

                         Material topics


Stakeholder Engagement

Strong long-term relationships with stakeholders are crucial in enabling GT Capital to fulfill its vision to be a leading conglomerate and a major contributor to the Philippines’ sustainable development. To do so, GT Capital engages with its stakeholders to understand and address their needs and concerns, aiming to create positive stakeholder value today and in the future.




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