Strategic Global Partners

Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)


A top automotive company worldwide engaged in the design, manufacture, assembly, and sale of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The wide range of vehicles the company manufactures includes compact, subcompact, mid-sized, sports utility, and hybrid cars, as well as minivans and pick-up trucks, among others. Toyota is the brand name the company uses for these vehicles, while luxury cars are under the Lexus brand. Hybrid cars carry the Prius brand. Aside from vehicles, Toyota also manufactures spare parts and offers financial services for retail and wholesale auto financing, retail leasing, insurance, credit cards, and housing loans.
Toyota operates in over 170 countries worldwide.

AXA, S.A. (France)


Primarily engaged in providing life insurance coverage, as well as property and casualty insurance. Asset management is another service that the group offers, which includes employee benefit plans, medical plans, and investment advice. The bulk of AXA’s customers are in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Latin America, whereas other customers come from North America, Asia, and the United Kingdom. The organization’s roots can be traced to the time when Claude Bebear decided to join the Ancienne Mutuelle insurance company – France’s oldest insurance company – in Rouen, France in 1958.

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation


A leading infrastructure conglomerate in the Philippines. MPIC’s intention is to maintain and continue to develop a diverse set of infrastructure assets through its investments in water utilities, toll roads, electricity distribution, hospital operations and light rail. MPIC is therefore committed to investing through acquisitions and strategic partnerships in prime infrastructure assets with the potential to provide synergies with its existing operations.

Toyota Financial Services Corporation (Japan)


Wholly-owned by Toyota Motor Corporation, the entity was established as a holding company for Toyota’s financial subsidiaries worldwide. The TFS Group mission is to provide sound financial services that contribute to the prosperous life for Toyota customers and others. The company has expanded its global presence, covering more than 30 countries in different regions. TFS offers a diverse range of products and services, such as motor vehicle financing, to meet the various needs of its valued customers.

Orix Corporation (Japan)


Engages in non-depositary credit intermediation such as leasing, installment loans, life insurance, and other related financial services. It is also involved in property development. In the automotive industry, the company is engaged in corporate and personal leasing, rental, car sharing, and used vehicle sales. The company’s corporate financial services include lending, building lease, e-commerce, corporate pension, life and accident insurance consulting, and investment banking. ORIX is also into energy conservation, energy recycling, and electric power. In property development, the company offers housing, real estate investment, and building management.

Nomura Real Estate


Nomura Real Estate Development (NRE) is one of Japan’s largest real estate developers. Established in 1954, NRE is involved in residential development, corporate real estate brokerage, commercial property development, building leasing, and architectural design. It is a sister company of the Nomura Holdings financial conglomerate and a part of the Nomura business group.

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (Japan)


One of the most diversified and comprehensive trading, investment, and services enterprises in the world. Utilizing global operating locations, network, and information resources, Mitsui is multilaterally pursuing businesses that range from product sales, worldwide logistics, and financing to the development of major international infrastructure and other projects. It is involved in iron and steel projects, mineral and metal resources, infrastructure projects, motor vehicles, marine and aerospace, chemicals, energy, food resources, food products and services, consumer services, IT, finance and new businesses, and transportation logistics.

Sumitomo Corporation (Japan)


An international trading company that operates in various industries including finance, insurance, metal products, transportation and construction systems, infrastructure, mineral resources, energy, chemicals, electronics, real estate, media, and new industry development, among others. The company also provides IT solutions, mobile communications, and Internet services, and operates TV shopping channels, supermarkets, and drugstores. It develops and imports coal, iron ore, and other minerals. The company also engages in business development, planning, production management, processing, logistics, and construction and real estate ventures.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings


Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. (株式会社三越伊勢丹ホールディングス Kabushiki-gaisha Mitsukoshi Isetan Hōrudingusu) is the Japanese parent company of world-renowned Isetan and Mitsukoshi department stores. The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group was created in 2008 with the vision of becoming the world’s foremost retail services group. With over 19,000 employees in Japan and around the globe, the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group is Japan’s largest department store group. It operates a total of 26 stores nationwide and 10 outlets overseas and encompasses four separate department store brands: Mitsukoshi, Isetan, Iwataya and Marui-Imai.

Grand Hyatt Hotels (USA)


A distinguished brand of the Hyatt global hospitality company, GRAND HYATT HOTELS (USA) are largescale hotels that provide upscale accommodations
in major cities. All Grand Hyatt hotels boast of dramatic, energetic lobbies, exquisite dining options, state-of-the-art technology, spas, fitness centers, and comprehensive business and meeting facilities. Located in the heart of the cities and destinations
they serve, Grand Hyatt hotels combine breathtaking spaces, unforgettable experiences, and signature hospitality that create truly grand moments.

Marco Polo Hotels (Hong Kong)


Offers a legendary blend of Asian hospitality and Western innovation, served in modern, chic sophistication. Located in strategic business and cultural centers of Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines, Marco Polo Hotels provide its guests with a unique travel experience that embraces the local charm and the adventure of travel with the deeply instilled elegance and warmth of the in-house culture of the Marco Polo group. In the Visayas, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu provides a panoramic view of the
city while still accessible from the shopping and business districts of cosmopolitan Cebu City. It is one of the 5-star hotels in the city, offering spacious and comfortable guest rooms and suites.

JBA Philippines


An auction house for used cars established through a strategic partnership between GT Mobility Ventures, Inc. and Japan Bike Auction Co. Ltd. JBAP utilizes an APP-Based Inspection System where each vehicle undergoes a 452-point check to accomplish a Vehicle Information and Grading Sheet that summarizes the car’s Exterior, Interior, Suspension, Engine, and Structural inspection results. With this uniquely transparent and fair system, JBAP provides sellers with a stable auction platform and promises buyers an exciting car purchase experience.

Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc.


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s largest and leading automotive warranty provider, Premium Group Co. Ltd. It is also a key strategic partner of GT Mobility Ventures, Inc. The company serves a critical need in the used car market by providing high quality vehicle inspection services and warranty for used vehicles. Using an extensive 200-point vehicle inspection procedure covering exteriors, interiors, engine, transmission, and electronics, the company can certify the quality of used cars being bought and sold and can also offer warranty services for eligible vehicles. These services will create a more transparent used car market in the Philippines that provides used car buyers and sellers with a clear and fair value proposition. It will enhance GT Capital’s footprint in the automotive value chain.

Toyota Corolla Sapporo Philippines


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Corolla Sapporo Corporation Ltd., one of the largest Toyota dealers in Japan with over 110 outlets across the country. With over 50 years of experience and combined sales of over 40,000 units for new and used vehicles for 2019 alone, Toyota Corolla Sapporo brings a wealth of best practices, experience, and expertise into the Philippine market. As a strategic partner in Toyota Santa Rosa, Laguna, the company’s commitment is to elevate operational efficiency and to build the dealership’s used car sales operations as part of GT Capital’s objective to add value across the entire automotive value chain.

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