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About GT Capital

GT Capital is a listed major Philippine conglomerate with interests in market-leading businesses across banking, property development, infrastructure and utilities, automotive assembly, importation, wholesaling, dealership, and financing, and life and non-life insurance. GT Capital is the primary vehicle for the holding and management of the diversified business interests of the family of Dr. George S.K. Ty in the Philippines.

The company's business management, investment decisions and future business development are firmly rooted in its corporate values of integrity, competence, respect, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to value creation.

Its current portfolio of businesses is well-positioned to benefit from broad-based growth in the Philippine economy, and domestic consumption in particular. The current portfolio comprises directly-held interests in the following GT Capital companies:

Market Milestones

Expression of Market Confidence in GT Capital

Listed on Philippine Stock Exchange

20 April 2012

Included in the PSE Index

16 September 2013

Included in the FTSE All-World Index

21 March 2014

Included in the MSCI Philippine Index

29 May 2015

Our Unique Business Model


Strong Partnerships with Best-of-Class Global Brands

A key element in GT Capital’s business model is the establishment of long-term, strategic partnerships with best of class global brands. As these leading entities lend their expertise and technology to each venture, GT Capital provides valuable, in-depth local knowledge and access to capital, among others. This mutually beneficial alliance enables the venture to be competitive if not dominant. Examples of this are Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, the number one auto company and AXA Philippines, the country’s pioneering bancassurance venture.

"The three principles in our partnerships: respect, transparency, and fairness. With these three principles, you can't go wrong in business."

The conglomerate enhances the business relationship through the following:  

  • Well-established reputation and credibility of the Ty family in integrity, sound business practices, and corporate governance
  • Large geographic footprint in key segments of the Philippine economy
  • Established track record in growing businesses
  • In-depth knowledge of local business environment
  • Synergistic cross-selling platform

GT Capital combines local talent and expertise with the technology and resources of its leading global business partners. Global partners of GT Capital companies include:

Synergies Across Component Companies

GT Capital has one of the most well-defined synergy stories among Philippine conglomerates. Our component companies benefit from vast cross-selling opportunities within the group. AXA Philippines, to illustrate, uses the branch network of Metrobank to market its bancassurance products. Similarly, Toyota vehicle sales are often financed by car loans from Metrobank, its subsidiary PSBank, and Toyota Financial Services Philippines. 


Strategic Direction

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