Stockholders' Meeting

Setting of Stockholders' Meeting

Per GT Capital's Amended By-Laws, the Annual Stockholders' Meeting (ASM) shall be held at the principal office on the second Wednesday of May of each year; if a legal holiday, then on the day following.

Notice of stockholders' meeting is disclosed upon setting by the Board of Directors of the date of the meeting. For the 2024 ASM, the same was first disclosed and posted on PSE Edge on March 13, 2024, and was amended on March 22, 2024. See PSE Edge Disclosure


Information Statement

Pursuant to Section 20 of the Securities Regulation Code, GT Capital submits and discloses SEC Form 20-Information Statement prior to every meeting of stockholders. The Information Statement aims to provide the stockholders entitled to vote relevant information on items to be acted upon during the meeting. The Information Statement contains, among others, the Notice and Agenda with rationale, proxy form, voting procedure, voting securities and principal holders thereof, and profiles of directors, executive officers, and independent public accountant for election / appointment.

GT Capital ensures, as far as practicable, at least twenty eight (28) days’ notice for all resolutions. For the 2024 ASM, notice was disclosed and posted on PSE Edge on March 22, 2024, forty six (46) days before the ASM, through the Preliminary Information Statement. See PSE Edge Disclosure


Results of Stockholders' Meeting

Results of the stockholders' meeting are promptly reported and disclosed on PSE Edge, and the minutes are made publicly available by the next working day.

Documents relating to stockholders' meetings are downloadable below.

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