Jocelyn Y. Kho

  • Biography

    Jocelyn Y. Kho – 64 years old, Filipino, has served as the Corporation’s Assistant Corporate Secretary since June 2011 and formerly the Corporation’s Controller until 2010. She served as Vice President under the Office of the Assistant to the Group Chairman of MBT from 1978 to 2009. She concurrently holds the following positions: Assistant Corporate Secretary, Grand Titan Capital Holdings, Inc.; Controller and Assistant Corporate Secretary, Global Treasure Holdings, Inc.; Director and Treasurer, Global Business Holdings, Inc. and Circa 2000 Homes, Inc.; Director and Senior Vice President, Federal Homes, Inc.; Director, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary of Crown Central Realty Corporation; Director of Cathay International Resources, Inc.; Corporate Secretary and Ex-Com Member of Federal Land, Inc. ; President of MBTC Management Consultancy, Inc.; Director and Treasurer, Nove Ferum Holdings, Inc.; Director and Treasurer, Horizon Royale Holdings, Inc.; Chairman, Glam Holdings Corporation; President, Glam Realty Corporation; Chairman and President, The Metropolitan Park , Inc. ; Director and President, Harmony Property Holdings, Inc.; Splendor Fortune Holdings, Inc.; and Splendor Realty Corporation; She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce with a major in Accounting from the University of Santo Tomas in 1975, and is a candidate for the Master of Science Degree in Taxation from MLQ University.

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