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Job Vacancies

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    4 jobs available, updated 06 July 2023

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  • Chief Audit Executive

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Chief Audit Executive
    Division: Audit
    Reports to: Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, President
    Responsible for leading an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations, through a systematic, disciplined approach in evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

    The role will be reporting functionally to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, and administratively to the Office of the President.
    1. Stature and Presence
    > The Chief Audit Executive (CAE) must have the professional presence and stature to function as a trusted advisor.
    > Develop and maintain strong relationships internally and with executive and senior management, and externally with the audit committee, board, regulators, and external auditors.
    > On an ad-hoc basis perform functions such as:
    + Provision of efficient Secretariat support to the Audit Committee (AC)
    + Facilitation and logistical support for regular and special AC meetings
    + Preparation and timely circulation of minutes of meeting including preparation and circulation of relevant materials for the meeting
    + Other support activities to enable the AC to meet its mandate under its Charter
    > Maintain continuous and proactive communication with all key stakeholders while keeping an appropriate level of objectivity and independence.
    > Maintain personal strength to make tough calls and stick by them.

    2. Strategic Audit Focus
    > Develop a vision for a strategic internal audit process, addressing the key business strategies and risks to the organization.

    3. Ability to Exercise Sound Judgment and Communicate Clearly on Audit Issue
    > Raise and communicate in a timely manner significant issues to the AC and management with recommendations as to which deserve their immediate action.
    > Prepare and issue internal audit reports in accordance with the performance standards of International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (ISPPIA).
    > Maintain an appropriate process to ensure the company takes corrective actions in a timely manner.
    > Issue guidance and advisories to process and control owners or stakeholders on matters relating to compliance, risk and internal controls.

    4. Management of Technical Audit Activities
    > Ensure that the company’s audit plan and other critical audit initiatives are being conducted in accordance with ISPPIA and reflect the current business risks and audit requirements, as well as emerging industry trends.
    > Ensure proper execution of required testing procedures and circulation of progress reports pertaining to ongoing audit projects.
    > Coordination and collaboration with external auditors towards achieving an efficient conduct of statutory audit and reliance on the work of internal audit.
    > Promote compliance and alignment of the Holding company’s subsidiaries to the Group Internal Audit Charter.
    > Compliance with group wide directives and guidance on internal audit approach, reporting and escalation, audit project prioritization, and joint audit projects and initiatives.
    > Ensure the financials properly reflect the economic substance of critical transactions and initiatives.
    > Ensure that internal audit function has access to appropriate resources and technical skills to execute its mandate.

    5. Understanding of the Organizational Strategy
    > Coordination of group-wide audit, enterprise risk management and compliance activities with the Holding company’s various component and related companies.
    > Directs a broad and comprehensive program and strategy to ensure the adequacy of internal controls of GT Capital and its component companies in the achievement of management plans and organizational objectives.
    Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Certified Public Accountant With Masters in Business Administration or professional designation as Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
    Experience: At least 5 years as Chief Audit Executive of a bank or similar category
    Knowledge: Extensive knowledge on financial and accounting analysis, Philippine Accounting Standards, etc.
    Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, proficient computer skills, analytical and numerical skills.

  • Legal and Compliance Officer

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: Legal and Compliance Officer
    Division: Legal and Compliance Division
    Reports to: Head, Legal and Compliance Division
    Supervises: Not Applicable
    Overall Purpose:
    To ensure compliance with legal and regulatory matters affecting the Company and to support the activities of the Head of the Legal and Compliance Division
    Major Responsibilities:
    1. Provides legal advice and services to all divisions of the Company and supports the Head of the Legal and Compliance Division.
    2. Helps negotiate, draft and review contracts of the Company.
    3. Coordinates with regulators on legal, regulatory and policy matters affecting the operations and initiatives of the Company and ensures compliance with SEC and PSE rules and regulations in particular.
    4. Assists in monitoring legal cases handled by external legal counsel.
    5. Assists in the development and maintenance of all legal documents of the company, including internal policies and procedures.
    6. Appears before the various courts and quasi-judicial and administrative agencies on matters directly affecting the Company.
    7. Performs other functions reasonably germane to the foregoing responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.
    Education: Member of the Philippine Bar; excellent academic background
    Experience: At least 6 years of relevant working experience
    Knowledge: Good knowledge on financial exchange related legislation and practical mechanisms (securities issuance, trading, clearing, etc.) as well as capital market and government rules and regulations affecting the operations of the Company.
    Personality: Reliable, diligent, critical, creative, resourceful, driven, leader

    Interested applicatants may send their curriculum vitae (CV) to

  • HR Assistant

    Organizational Scope
    Job Title: HR Assistant
    Division: Human Resources, Administration, and IT
    Reports to: Human Resources, Administration, and IT Head
    Supervises: No one
    Overall Purpose
    To assist the HR Department on a daily basis and to perform administrative tasks. Extend administrative support across the organization.
    Major Responsibilities
    1. Update and maintain non-confidential digital/electronic and print out records of the employees
    2. Assist in the documentation with regard to the recruitment process such as printing of rating sheets, CVs, etc.
    3. Responsible for encoding the requested office and admin supplies in NOAH
    4. Ensures the office and admin supplies inventory are sufficient on a bi-weekly basis
    5. Receives all administrative inquiries and request of the department
    6. Update and maintain the attendance record of the employees
    Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration/Office Management
    Experience: Experience as an Administrative Assistant or similar role
    Skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    Personality: Creative, resourceful, organized, fast-learner, disciplined, self-motivated, and hardworking

  • Sales Executive (For Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc.)

    Job Title: Sales Executive

    1. Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies / Administration / Management or equivalent

    2. At least 3 years of working experience in automotive sales.

    3. Preferably with work experience in Auto Portals, Financial Institutions, dealing with used car financing and insurance or used car dealerships.

    4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

    5. Ability to influence and negotiate with business partners.

    6. Self motivated and goal-oriented

    7. With good moral character

    Interested applicants may send their CV to


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